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When I was a child I climbed trees, played hopscotch, and read a lot of books. Now I rock climb, play with my characters, and still read a lot of books. I write them too. And these are some of the things that you can read about in my blog. Come join the fun!

About Angela

A.O. Peart was born and raised in Poland. When she was just seven-years-old she decided to learn English to translate her favorite Polish fairytales.

Interviews And Fun Facts About Angela

If you want to know more about me, this page should give you a pretty good idea of who I am.

You will find several questions with answers compiled from various interviews plus some Fun and Quirky Facts about me.

There are also links to the sites that feature my interviews.

The Forged Series

The Forged is a Young Adult paranormal romance series with elements of high fantasy, thriller, mythology, and humor. Readers of novels by Maggie Stiefvater and Cassandra Clare might consider adding these books to their list.

"'Forged by Greed' - a great fantasy novel, on par with the best of the genre. The terminology, rich cast of characters, even the magical objects are in the tradition of those novels that turn into movies. "

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